What FUN it is to Visit Sutton!

Oh, how we love the countryside of Québec! Can you smell how fresh the air is in this photo?!?


There was a Bushel-Full of Hitty Friends who gathered there this past week.  Perhaps you can recognize a few from this group photo:


The Sutton Hittys live in a beautiful cabinet filled to the brim with antiques, artisan pieces and various treasures.  Some stopped what they were doing to have their photo taken – again – but the chatter immediately resumed.  It is such fun to reunite with good friends and there is so much to talk about!
(As always, you can click on the photos to view full-size and peruse the details…)


Here are the Grandmas…
Great Aunt Doll, who hails from New England, is on the left.  Next is Mamie, our gracious and always composed hostess.  Then a Grandma who was quite shy (so shy Great Aunt Doll couldn’t quite hear her when she said her name…) We do know she lives in Virginia.  Then we have Grandma Alice of the Robertson Hittys all the way from Pennsylvania.  On the far right is Gram Hattrick, awaiting her first glass of wine (she said something about getting on with the photos so they could move on to more important things…) She also lives in Virginia.  What fun they all had visiting and catching up (and drinking wine!)


A *Thing of Beauty* on display.  Ima couldn’t stop admiring the tiny doll.  She did not understand why Mamie wouldn’t let her play with it.  “What is it for, then?”



Mamie directed her to the playroom, where there were plenty of friends and toys to keep Ima happy for days:


Where to begin!?!


Meanwhile, Hitty Jean and Hitty Colleen were thrilled with the tiny chair procured for the tiny Hittys:


A tea party was planned at Confiserie Bartlam – perhaps this is becoming a tradition?
Below you can see the Grandmas setting expectations for behavior and proper manners before the refreshing and palate-cleansing cordials were served:


Each course was a feast for the eyes and tastebuds – all made from scratch by the lovely proprietor, Patricia.  (Even the jams and jellies!)  Ima admired the tiny Pansy on top of the dessert:


Of course then all the Hittys wanted a flower.  Some had purple and some had white and there was much discussion as to what this could mean:


Our last meal together was spent at a lovely Auberge on a mountainside.  Hitty Josephine drove an hour to dine with us and it was so wonderful to meet her!  She had brought a stunning settle bench that was admired by all:


Hitty Jean shyly introduced herself.  (She is looking forward to seeing Hitty Josephine again next June in Castine – if not before!)


The sunset view was so beautiful.  Hitty Jean and Hitty Oh Honey went out onto the porch for a quick photo:


Straight out of the camera:


A special cake was made to celebrate our last night together in Sutton.  It was a gorgeous surprise!  (Delicious, too!)  *Almost* too pretty to eat, but alas, you cannot have your cake and eat it too…
Hitty Maude, Mamie, and Bécassine had their picture taken with it before it disappeared:


And now, the travelers are all home safely.  Hitty Jean is wondering what her next adventure will be.  There are murmurings about a sailing trip…hmmmmmm…

‘Til Next Time..

A huge hug and heartfelt THANK YOU to our Québecois friends, who graciously allowed us to *land* on them and gather in their home.  We are so grateful ❤️

Hurly~Burly Block Island Day

Yesterday, Hitty Sparrow jumped on a tour bus:


… then hopped on a ferry:


…which took her to Block Island!  Lunch was on the porch of that white building there in the distance, the National Hotel:


The view from the porch was perfect for people watching (boat watching, too!):


A tour bus took Hitty Sparrow to the Southeast Light:


What an interesting and beautiful lighthouse it is, with an interesting history as well.  (You can read more about this lighthouse HERE.)  It sits atop a bluff, and the view was incredible.  On a clear day, you can see Long Island from here, but not on this day…


Along the tour, a statue was seen out the window:


Erected in 1896 (although this current one is a replica)  and named Rebecca at the Well, “…this iconic Block Island lady was put in place in 1896 by the local Women’s Christian Temperance Movement, which hoped to curb the consumption of alcohol on Block Island.”  (source)  According to the tour guide, this strategy was unsuccessful.

Block Island used to be all farmland – the fields edged with rock walls.  These classic New England rock walls can be seen everywhere and are an island treasure:


An ice cream break was essential on this hot and humid day:


Tour over…it was time to start the journey home:


On the ferry heading home, there was a last view of Block Island’s beautiful bluffs:


It was a whirlwind, hurly-burly sort of a visit, and Hitty Sparrow is thinking a return trip and beach day would be fun!  Would anyone like to come along?!?

‘Til Next Time…

Where Great Aunt Doll Hops a Tour Bus

Our last day in Maine was a *free* day.  With the Hittys otherwise occupied, Great Aunt Doll took advantage of a tour bus trip headed to Bar Harbor.  It was a beautiful day!  After a dozy sort of ride, Aunt Doll woke to the bus pulling into the center of town – time to explore!


A short walk down the hill brought Aunt Doll to a fountain where there was a better view of the harbor:


After a delicious lunch (clam chowder!) the bus left for Acadia National Park and Cadillac Mountain.  The views on the way up were spectacular on this picture-perfect day.  The bus kept stopping, so Aunt Doll was able to have her photo taken:


At last, at the top of Cadillac Mountain, the BEST PART!  Great Aunt Doll was able to lay her eyes on Great Cranberry Island!  While the island conjures up many happy memories for the Hittys and their Caretakers, Great Aunt Doll had not seen, nor been to Great Cranberry.  She was thrilled to be able to see “The Pool” and some specks that were houses (possibly Preble House?!)  Hooray!


Can you see it?  It is the top island in the middle of the photo.  As always, you can click on the photos for a larger view:


‘Til Next Time…

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The cover illustrations are, from left, Tom Kitten, the Pie and the Patty Pan, Mrs. Tittlemouse.  (The pictures are very clear…not blurry like in my photo…)  Price is $15 per-book, plus $5 shipping for any quantity.

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Morning :: Afternoon :: Evening :: Day 6/2018

morning :: a break outside the classroom building


afternoon :: hungry hittys!  what is in Great Aunt Doll’s picnic basket?!


evening :: we have graduated!


It has been a fun and busy week here at IGMA Guild School!  Hitty Jean has been delighted to learn new skills and all the Hittys hope you have enjoyed our daily updates from Maine!

‘Til Next Time…

Morning :: Afternoon :: Evening :: Day 5/2018




‘Til Next Time…

Morning :: Afternoon :: Evening :: Day 4/2018

Morning :: Waving Hitty Jean Off


Afternoon :: Weaving Is Hard Work


Evening :: Sunset Sail


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Morning :: Afternoon :: Evening :: Day 3/2018

morning :: setting up the chairs


afternoon :: lupin by the sea


evening :: a storm is blowing in


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Morning :: Afternoon :: Evening :: Day 2/2018




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Morning :: Afternoon :: Evening :: Day 1/2018




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We’re Here!

Hitty Joannie is saying, “Hello!” from Castine, Maine!  Hitty Jean will be taking classes at the IGMA Guild School while Hittys Joannie and Sparrow (along with Great Aunt Doll) relax and explore.  We are looking forward to sharing our adventures with you as we learn and play!


‘Til Next Time…