The Hittys have just returned from their annual trip to Sturbridge, Massachusetts, for the Miniature Show.  What a wonderful time was had by all!!!

The Hittys have made this trip many times now and thought they knew all there was to know about the area…until they got lost and happened upon this abandoned house.  Of course they had to explore!





Hitty Jean was pretty certain that exploring the inside of the building would be a thrill.  This adventure ended with a stern lecture from Mamie about trespassing and the dangers posed by old abandoned buildings.  Needless to say, the inside was not viewed by the Hittys, except from safely outside!

Our Sturbridge trips never happen without our annual “Tablecloth Pinnys” – made by our dear friend and keeper of the Robertson Hittys.  This year’s pinny was adorable and all the Hittys wore them proudly.  “Eyes up, Hitty Maude!!!”

Sturbridge Tablecloth Pinnys 2018

Great Aunt Doll and Grandma Alice were thrilled with this year’s show.  So many wonderful things to see and buy, it is very difficult to stay within budget!   The artisan breads on offer this year were “Oh, la la!”  And that tiny painted box with the tiniest of Bécassines inside!  Oh, my!  The box was painted with a Bécassine theme and so gorgeous!  (links will take you to the artist’s information.)


As is the case every year, the Hittys awaiting adoption were looking somewhat nervous.  Great Aunt Doll was sure to stop by and offer them words of encouragement.  All Hitty owners are kind and caring, as we well know!


We are home now and exhausted but happy…an extra nap is needed and the laundry is tumbling away.  In less than a week, Hitty Jean and her friends will be on their way to Castine for Guild School!  We can’t wait to learn new things!!!

‘Til Next Time…

8 thoughts on “Abandoned!

  1. Yes…Mamie can be a tad directive…but she has good intentions! Hitty Jean is the best narrator…she can read Hitty minds like no one else can…and she sure is a perfect travel companion! Woodens are always happy to spend time with her. We miss you Hitty Jean…but we will see you shortly!!!!


  2. Looks like a good time was had by all! Love the abandoned house…wish you and I could have gotten inside, but laws being what they are and me being too big, it’s probably all for the best. 🙂


  3. I grew up with a family down the street who had an ‘outside’ dollhouse. It had real glass windows and was Barbie sized. It was built by the previous owner on a concrete slab and was made to weather conditions, like a real house, and when they moved, they left the dollhouse as it had been built like a real house. The only difference, it opened from the back. It was a marvel to see, just like this one. What a marvelous dollhouse.


  4. Ima is visiting with Dallas in the sewing room… Dallas is asking her about her upcoming surgery.. she forgot just what her injury required…. but, it looks like a bite …. poor baby … we know how painful that can be… but, we’ll visit with her and it will be a painless procedure as we all gather and tell stories and funny tales…. like if the anesthesia doesn’t work we’ll call in Gram Hattrick she’ll tell stories that will put her right to sleep ……. Dallas and Hitty O’Honey had such a good time in Sturbridge.. and happy for the good friends who left us for their new homes. love D


    • I am so glad and relieved to hear that Ima is being taken such good care of! Of course I never doubted it for a second! And are you saying that Gram Hattrick’s stories are….dull?! Certainly not! Thanks, Judy and Dallas! See you SOON!!!


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