Postcards from New York :: Day 1


Hitty Sparrow rode the subway today!  She was very brave and even managed to figure out the maps and get on the correct train!  Here she is in action, being very well behaved:


She took the Uptown Train to the Metropolitan Museum of Art – or The MET as it is known:


She saw the largest surviving dish from the 15th century:


A glass from the 12th century:


“Look!  Paintings by Matisse!”  (She really enjoyed those…)


Outside of the Museum is Central Park – the weather was cooperating nicely:


Despite the subway ride, there has been miles and miles of walking today.  Hitty Sparrow has made her way safely back to her hotel, where she will rest her sore little wooden feet…

…’til next time…❤️❤️❤️

14 thoughts on “Postcards from New York :: Day 1

    • She DID see some of her namesakes!!! But more pigeons…and last night…two rats were out on the town and crossed her path… And yes to the MET gift shop! Feet are never too tired for that!



  1. Some of my favorite spots!!!! Going to the Met is always a treat…like a homecoming! Rest those little feet Hitty Sparrow…my guess is there’s more walking in store for you!!!!


  2. wow that Hitty Sparrow is a good traveler and if you were tying to keep up no wonder you are exhausted.

    Looks like a fun trip.

    BJ >


  3. Lots of good sights, and plenty of walking – rest those tired feet – tomorrow is another day! I always came home from NYC footsore and needing a bath and then a long night’s sleep!


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