Bécassine wonders what Hitty Jean might like for dinner tonight?  Hitty Jean answers, “Mushroom Barley Soup!!”  An Autumn Favorite with the Maxwell Hittys, to be sure.  But there are no mushrooms in the pantry….
“How about going to the market?” Hitty Jean suggests.  But Bécassine has a better idea.  She rounds up the Hittys, and grabs a basket.  “We will pick our own!”**


Bécassine leads a parade of Hittys to a shadowy, forgotten corner of the garden, where the best mushrooms grow.  Since there has just been a Big Rain, this is perfect timing!

Hitty Sylvie and Hitty Felice run ahead – and suddenly there is all sorts of Whooping and Yelling.  They have found Mushrooms!  Are they the right kind?  Bécassine says, “Yes!” **


There are mushrooms aplenty.  Hitty Jean notices they seem to be everywhere…then realizes she is sitting in a Fairy Ring!  Delightful!!  (Bécassine insists that the Fairy Ring be left for the Fairies…there are plenty of mushrooms for all.)


Soon, the basket is full.  Maybe there is room for just a couple more?


Mushroom Barley Soup for Dinner!!!

**Hitty Friends, please, we implore you NOT to go mushroom picking unless you know beyond a doubt what you are doing!!!  Bécassine is an expert.  Markets are wonderful places to find mushrooms, too!


Do you like Hitty Felice’s Pinny, with the Gnome on the front?  (He is sitting on a mushroom – how cute!)  Would you like to win a similar one for your own Hitty to wear?  The Maxwell Hittys have an extra (with a standing Gnome on the front, so slightly different that Hitty Felice’s Pinny…) and would love to send it to you! Just leave a comment below and we will put everyone’s name in the hat to draw a winner. Entrys close Monday, October 14th.  We are happy to ship anywhere on Earth.
And, to our dear friend Hildi, wherever you are, we have something to send you as well!! Please do be in touch!

‘Til Next Time…

24 thoughts on “Mushrooms!

  1. Looks like perfect mushroom picking weather! (Raining here in PA.) Love the gnome pinny because I love gnomes, but the mushroom pinny is awesome too!


  2. Love your mushroom story and seeing all the fun the Hittys and Becassine are having. And the mushrooms are Hitty-sized! Thanks for sharing the story.


  3. I thought the Brown’s House Hittys had pulled off the best garden find with their just right tomaotoes last month… but those mushrooms are beautiful.. can we get together? we still have just right tomatoes and peppers….. need any tomatoes with that soup…. I also love gnomes ….Dallas and sisters


  4. I really love how all the girls are dressed for mushroom picking in their theme dresses. Very cleaver of you. I realize that my Hitty needs a pinny too. Would you share your pattern? Thanx, Susan Smeltzer


  5. Such adorable Hittys and mushroom outfits! Your Bécassine is such a cute character. You are blessed to have such a garden. All I can grow in my flower garden down here in TN is poke salad and bermuda grass! lol! I have not even attempted a real food garden. Thanks for sharing the adventure! Michele G. and the Kingsley Cove Hittys


  6. I adore mushrooms but usually only shop for them in a market — afraid if I picked them myself – with Hitty along, we’d get the poison ones! Lovely outfit!


  7. How lovely — the girls look like they had a marvelous day! We just got a new Hitty at our house — Hitty Evangeline — and she is woefully short on clothes, so she would love a new pinny. Thanks! Laurie Wanat and the Brushtail Hittys.


  8. what great photos. And those mushrooms!! My Hittys are now clamoring for an expedition….but I am no expert and there is no Becassine here so
    I shall take them to the market for our shrooms!! Thanks for a great post.


  9. Love your story and the pictures! I think Becassine is such an awesome complement to a Hitty family … hope we find one some day. My girls would love a chance to win a gnome pinafore, may we enter?


  10. Thank you for sharing your adventures! Clearly, the Hickory Haven Hittys are missing a Becassine of their own! Such an informed member of the household is worth her weight in gold–or produce! I love the Le Crueset style pot, as well! A beautiful group of Hittys! –Beth Anne


  11. I found it so very charming that all the girls were wearing some sort of mushroom themed dress. My favorite was the brown dress with the high waist and the red polka dot bodice. So much fun! Thanks, Kathleen Weber


  12. Your Hittys were very fortunate to have a mushroom expert to help them pick the right ones. Such pretty mushrooms and I bet the soup was delicous!


    • Just too much fun foresting for mushrooms with the expertise of Beccasine. Love all your girls…and the soup pot too!!!! Great pictures!!!! Hugs, Kay


  13. Martha and Hittys, we enjoyed your story. It’s a good thing the Hittys had Beccasine to guide them with their mushroom hunt. Great photos and a cute story. Thanks. Sue G and The Northeast Hittys in Maine.


  14. Judy Klem said
    Oh how sweet and fun! Love the dresses, Beccasine and photos. I really need to get with this and get my girls up and running. Love the pinny also. How happy some little Hitty will be when she receives this! Thank you for sharing!
    Judy K and the Mount Holly Hittys


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