A Quick Trip


Hitty Jean and her friend Ima had a whirlwind trip to Virginia.  Unlike New England, Spring there was in full blossom.

A day trip to Williamsburg was great fun – even though the thermometer read 91 degrees!


The Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Museum used to house Tasha Tudor’s dollhouse.  Hitty Jean and Ima were rather keen to see it!
To their dismay, it has moved back to Vermont. ( Luckily, Vermont is close to home!!)

They did enjoy a fantastic display of Sterling Silver:


A fun trip, but nice to be back home, where Spring is just beginning…

‘Til Next Time…

7 thoughts on “A Quick Trip

  1. Sorry Hitty Jean and Ima… Judy didn’t tell me you were so close… I’d have hurried down to tour Williamsburg with you… Dallas


  2. Oh you must try to catch a tour of Tasha Tudor’s home where the dollhouse is now–it is wonderful! I was there last month and did a post on my blog of the visit. Love your blog with your lovely Hitty’s. I am hoping to take Tasha’s daughter to see Hitty in Stockbridge this summer-she is dying to see her:-)


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