Where Bécassine Has FUN! (or tries…)

“Look Bécassine!  It’s the Ocean!  We’re sailing away for a week of Rest and Relaxation!”

“We get to meet Chocolate-Eating Elephants!”
(Oh, dear….)

Don’t worry, Bécassine…You’ll learn your way soon enough!

Despite herself, Bécassine is actually thrilled at the site of Bermuda!

Time for some shopping!  Let’s go!

Bécassine meets King Tritan.  She is only a *little* nervous…

She also encountered some dolphins…up close and personal.
She was a bit concerned when she first saw them, thinking they were sharks!

Hitty Jean is determined to get Bécassine to relax!  Next, they head to the beach…
Bécassine isn’t too sure about that shell…it keeps moving!

“Hitty Jean, you are out too deep!”

How about a Ferry ride?  That can be fun…
(Hitty Jean learns that Bécassine gets a touch of seasickness on small boats…)

The views are beautiful, though:

Back to the beach, to hunt for shells.  Bécassine stays away from the ones that walk

The unimaginable happens: Bécassine is relaxing!
“We have to board the ship, Bécassine.  It’s time to sail home.”

A last glimpse of the Dockyards:

Two days to relax at sea.  Bécassine has plenty to keep her busy, but she will be glad when she is safely home.

Thank you to everyone who left comments for our drawing!!  The winner is HILDI, who should be hearing from us soon!

‘Til Next Time…

9 thoughts on “Where Bécassine Has FUN! (or tries…)

  1. What a wonderful vacation. Becassine did very well and she thought that the food was delicious–not as good as what she cooks, of course.. She wants to go next year which is a sign that she did have a good time after all.


  2. This is just too cute for words! I took some girls with me to Europe, but I can’t quite seem to get that project finished. sigh. I keep getting distracted by other projects, like painting the bunny house.


  3. Oh, the photos are wonderful! I especially love the one of her shopping! I love her little beach chair too! This is one of your best photo sessions. Glad you …..I mean Becassine…….had such fun!


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