Where Bécassine is Dragged Against Her Will…

COME ON, Bécassine!  Grab your Passport!  It’s time for an Adventure!”

***Where on Earth is Bécassine??!!  Leave your answer in the comments, and Hitty Jean will enter you in a drawing for a tiny souvenir from her adventure.
One comment per person, please.  Hitty Jean will be without internet throughout this drawing … if you haven’t left a comment before, don’t be shy!  Just be advised that your comment will not show up here until we return.  But you are still entered!  We Promise!!!  Drawing closes on August 2nd at midnight.***

‘Til Next Time…

18 thoughts on “Where Bécassine is Dragged Against Her Will…

  1. Well, in the pictures she’s still at home, so if I base your question on the picture, I’d say MA. If the question is where is she going that she doesn’t want to go, and she needs her passport to get there, how about Canada?


  2. I thought maybe Canada too, but I will have to make a different guess from Happy’s. Could it be Mexico? For some reason, I don’t think Becassine would like Mexico.


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