Hitty Community Theatre Presents…An Original Stage Production

Shhhhhh!!  The show is about to start!


The curtain has gone up!!!




(Narrator)  Once there was a Fair Maiden who loved nothing more than to take long walks in the Forest at night.


One evening, the Fair Maiden wandered farther than usual, and found herself in a part of the Forest she did not recognize. 


Suddenly, and from nowhere, a Witch appeared!  The Fair Maiden was terrified!


The Fair Maiden started to run away.  To her horror, the Witch ran after her!


The Fair Maiden stumbled over a root, and fell to the ground.  "BWAH HA HA!" cackled the Witch, "I’ve got you now!"


A Kind Woodsman heard the commotion.  "Stop, Witch!" he yelled, "Leave the Fair Maiden alone!"  The Witch whirled around, and in his surprise, the Kind Woodsman dropped his axe.


The Kind Woodsman bent over to retrieve his axe.  This was his mistake.  For when the Kind Woodsman bent down, the Witch cast an evil spell on him!


In all the confusion, the Fair Maiden managed to sit up.  But what had happened to the Kind Woodsman??!??


He was gone.  The Witch had turned him into a squirrel!!  The confused little critter scurried away. 


But the Kind Woodsman hadn’t been the only one to hear the commotion.  A tiny Forest Creature came to see what was the matter.


The Witch heard the Forest Creature rustling behind her.  The Witch tried to chase it, but the Forest Creature was too swift.


"No matter," said the Witch.  "Now we are alone, Fair Maiden.  And I am going to turn you into a…"


"Stop, Witch!" a booming voice cried from behind.  It was Dulin, the Faun Boy!  The Forest Creature must have alerted him!!


"Dulin!" shrieked the Witch.   The Fair Maiden was surprised (and more than a little bit relieved) to see that the Witch seemed afraid of Dulin.  The Forest Creature tried to glare at the Witch.  (Such a pleasant little face is not very good at glaring.)


"You have no business here, Witch.  Move on and leave the Fair Maiden," boomed Dulin.


"You’ll pay for this, Dulin!  One day, I will be back!!!" the Witch cackled.


Swiftly, the Witch turned and ran away.  The Fair Maiden was beside herself!  She wanted to thank Dulin and the Forest Creature for saving her.


Alas, they were too fast for the Fair Maiden.  She sat down, stunned, next to the Kind Woodsman’s things.


Had it all really happened?  Or was it a dream?


The Fair Maiden finally came back to her senses, and ran as quickly as she could towards home.  Had she stopped to look back, she might have noticed two new friends bidding her a fond farewell.


(And the curtain goes down to thunderous applause!!!)


Starring, in order of appearance,

Cherry~Merry as the Fair Maiden:


Hitty Maris as the Witch:


William Meadow as the Kind Woodsman:


Gibbous as the Forest Creature:


Dulin the Faun Boy as himself:


Miss VanDroo as the Narrator:


Thank you to all the Hittys, who worked so hard to make this first theatre production a smashing success!!

***The End***

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