A Wonderful Week

The Hittys have just returned from a visit with the Robertsons. Such a fun and wonderful week they had!

Hitty Jean loves air travel and always insists on having her photo taken up in the clouds:

Great Aunt Doll and Grandma Alice had much catching up to do:

The main topic of discussion this time was needlepoint. Grandma Alice is a pro and Great Aunt Doll picked her brain for tips and tricks all week long.

They even went as far as to examine some of Grandma Alice’s rugs up close. This one was made especially for the front hall of Twin Manor:

Aunt Doll spent the week stitching a checkerboard for the littlest Hittys. Hitty Belle suggested that Hitty Jean and Hitty Sparrow join her for a game, but they had no checkers, so other pastimes took over. There is never a lack of fun things to do at the Robertson’s:

Hitty Sparrow and Hitty Kate were delighted to see each other again. They are the best of friends and miss each other so much when they are apart:

The best news was when Aunt Doll and Grandma Alice told them that Kate would be traveling home for a visit with the Maxwell Hittys! Hitty Sparrow and Hitty Kate started packing immediately!

Now we are home again (with Kate!) and settling into our routine…looking forward to one of our favorite seasons…Autumn!

A warm and humble thank you to the Robertsons for another wonderful visit! We miss you already!

PS :: The needlepoint rug was stitched by Esther Robertson for her miniature house, Twin Manor. (More information on Twin Manor HERE. The needlepoint checkerboard was stitched by me, Martha Maxwell, with much encouragement from Esther. Photos below:

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And She’s Out!

The girls were all set up in a soft spot so they could see out the window on the drive home. Hitty Jean fell fast asleep. Such a good helper she was this week and she was all tuckered out!


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Guild School Ends…

What a week! Hitty Jean is exhausted but proud. Here she is with her exhibit display:

Ima has a new pinwheel and has been playing with it all day (between rain showers):

Hitty Jean saw a beautiful Rainbow:

She also saw the quintessential New England Captain’s House. She has admired it every day on her way to and from school. Isn’t it a beauty?

And now it is time to pack up and head home. It has been one of our favorite weeks ever here at IGMA Guild School. We hope to see more Hitty friends here next year!

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Fresh Flowers

Great Aunt Doll was doing quite a loud bit of sighing this morning. No one had picked fresh flowers for her jug and it was looking…sad.

Ima noticed the situation and went out to the meadow to collect some replacements.

Much better!

The meadow outside our cabin window is so beautiful. Here is a happy bee buzzing about on the goldenrod:

Happy Castine Bee!

Meanwhile, Hitty Jean has been hard at work in her class. Tomorrow will be the big reveal!

‘Til Next Time…



Our project is slowly coming together. Lots of trim was added today and more tomorrow. Only two more days of Guild School – it always ends too soon!

It was fun to see our “Year Long Project” on display in the exhibit – A year of Santas in human size and also Hitty size:

‘Til Next Time…



Today in class, Hitty Jean learned to tool leather and then to dye it. She watched the dye dry – just to be sure all was well.

It was the third day of classes, which is the day one starts to question their abilities and despair that their project may never turn out right. Certainly true for Hitty Jean!

Never mind…class ended and it was a dog-gone good day, as we like to say! Back at the cottage, a break to admire the high tide and then off to dinner…

We hope you had a dog-gone good day, too!

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Castine Harbor

Great Aunt Doll is saying “Hello!”

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The Beginning

Today was the first day of classes here at IGMA Guild School. Such a thrill to be back after the pandemic cancelled all fun last year.

Hitty Jean’s first task was to line and assemble a little trunk. She is looking forward to what comes next!

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We’re Here!

We made it to Castine! Hitty Jean is so excited for her class. First, to unpack…fresh flowers for the table and a cuppa for Great Aunt Doll.

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A Beautiful Box

Hitty Jean received the most beautiful gift from our needlepoint finisher, Maryse!

A box for traveling! A finished needlepoint or cross-stitch can be used in the creation of these beautiful boxes and they can be any size. Maryse is a master at the art of cartonnage and needlework finishing.

Here is the inside:

There is just enough room underneath the removable tray for Hitty Jean to lay down:

Thank you, Maryse, for all the beautiful needlepoint finishing you have done over the past year…and for this wonderful piece of functional art. Hitty Jean can’t wait for adventures to begin again!

‘Til Next Time ♥️♥️♥️

PS-Feel free to zoom in on the photos. Our messy work table is full of in-progress projects.

PPS-We have missed our Hitty Friends so much this past pandemic year. We do hope this post finds you safe and well. Photos are posted regularly to Instagram. You can see them in the blog’s sidebar or follow us directly on Instagram @hittyjean